Ines Wurth presents

Temporarily Yours. A journey into sexuality and into prostitution encountering dynamics connected to our lives more than we'd expect.

Why does one sell their body nowadays? Is it out of constraint or out of choice? And does society help us to conceive our body as an object or as an integral part of ourselves?

From two monologues by Concita De Gregorio (Ed. Einaudi), through the blog of an escort and by direct contact with trafficked women, a show to ponder on our body, our soul, and our relationships.

Fresh faced Midwestern actress, Lisa Verlo, came to Hollywood looking for fame but found more action on casting couches than onstage. Decades later, with help from imaginary mentors, Katharine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Lisa faces the truth about abandoning dreams in her humorous, heartfelt, and poignant musical solo show HOLLYWOODN'T. The world prefers to focus on stories about monstrous predators who violate young maidens. But what of the golden boys, the gentlemen predators, and the women who don’t know they've been screwed until much later? This is that story. “She is fierce and brave and wise and absolutely hilarious…Bravo!"

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century? How does toxic masculinity affect those of us assigned male at birth? What’s so great about sex, and why won’t people shut up about it for two goddamn seconds and just let me play my video games in peace?!

Written and performed by transgender artist Rebecca McGlynn, “Asexuality!” is an autobiographical musical comedy about Rebecca’s pre-transition life.The story follows Robert, an asexual man navigating a hypersexual world. Through music and comedy, he explores sex, romance, love, loss… and, eventually, HER true gender identity.

Breakup Addict depicts the journey of a woman who hits rock bottom after having two simultaneous crash-and-burn relationships with unavailable men. She starts attending 12-step meetings for love addiction, only to uncover some much deeper trauma that she has to face while rebuilding her relationship to herself. This is a comeback story for anybody who has ever been crushed under the weight of heartbreak. Playing over twenty different characters, Paige brings a comedic twist to some dark and taboo topics as she brilliantly depicts the ever-humiliating journey of a love addict. IMC Productions